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Weekend PA , Sittingbourne Kent
I am a 34 year old lady with a neurodegenerative disease. I live at home with my father and our dog and I have a team of experienced Personal Assistants that support me with my personal and health care needs along with supporting me to go out and about. It is the job of my Personal Assistants to assist in meeting my personal, social and domestic needs as a disabled person, and any other day-to-day requirements or activities, as a result of this assistance I hope to lead an individual, independent and active life in my own home and community. My PAs all lead active lives and it is essential that you have a good sense of humour as we do have a good laugh together but you will also need to remember to remain within your professional boundaries. I need support with my whole day’s activities and my PAs must be willing to support me with whatever activity I choose to do including accessing the community by bus, going for long country walks and attending places where I can meet other people like me. As my Personal Assistant you should be able to handle the physical tasks of lifting, handling, pushing and bending and although you do not need to be physically strong to do certain tasks well it does help together with good general health. All shifts are provided by two PAs and the most experienced PA on each shift will take the lead. A current driving licence and an ability to drive a manual car is preferred but not essential. Tasks Below is a list of some of the takes I will require your support with: getting in and out of bed dressing and undressing washing and bathing/showering attention to hair, skin, nails, feet, eyes etc. transferring in and out of bed/wheelchair Feeding by PEG Suction Medication Transfer from bed to chair physiotherapy exercises taking part in social/leisure activities and occasions Training to be provided following probation period: Moving and handling PEG Feeding Medication Suction Chest Physio
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Sunday, November 12, 2017
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Saturday/Sunday 6.30-8.30pm - additional hours available
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Thursday, November 2, 2017